Hydron Hosts Hosts Macmillan咖啡早晨



On Monday, the office staff had a sugar-filled morning to help raise money for the great cause that is Macmillan Cancer Support. This is not the first year in which the Hydratron’s team hosts a baking charity event. In fact, our bakers are now well-versed veterans who prepare amazing creations worthy of a Bake-Off challenge.

這些場合提供了一個雙重激勵。不僅co-workers can enjoy cakes and sweets while socialising, but they also provide help for a cause in which they strongly believe.

What is the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning?

Macmillan World最大的咖啡早晨是一項始於1991年的活動。這個想法是讓人們聚集在一起分享咖啡,並同時捐贈一個到Macmillan的成本。今年9月27日星期五,咖啡早晨活動有正式日期。但是,對於那些想要參加的人來說,隻是報名on the Macmillan website to receive a free Coffee Kit.


With the contributions made by the office staff and the building neighbours, who were invited to this event, we raised £125 and counting!