Customer Testimonial on Hydratron Hose Test Bench – Jose Saucedo of CEJN

Blog Header - Customer Testimonial Jose Saucedo of CEJN

Describing the hose test bench furnished to CEJN in Houston, Texas, Jose Saucedo of CEJN commented:
“The machine is foolproof, after the second time of using it you know overpressure what to do. Not only that, it is full proof. Even if you forget to close the gauge isolation valve it’s built-in safety systems will not let you over pressure the low-pressure test gauge.
I love the safety features, opening the cabinet automatically shuts down the machine, beyond that when in doubt hitting the big red button safely brings you back to the start of the test.
It has been a reliable machine, and a great piece of equipment for hose testing that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a hose test machine”