Large, UK-based valve manufacture,Colson X-Cel聯係Hydratron提供了一個valve test solutioncapable of testing their wide variety of process valves during production. The diverse range of valves to be tested varied in size from 1/2″ to 12″ and would need to be tested using both liquid and gas test mediums with pressures up to 10,000 PSI.


Colson X-CEL需要能夠在所有閥門上進行身體和座位測試,這些閥門經過生產。

Due to the high pressures involved in the testing, a fully enclosed test compartment would need to be designed on the unit. The clamping arrangement for holding the valve under test and the control console would be on separate skids to allow Colson X-Cel to test in a separate enclosure for additional safety.

作為閥門生產過程的一部分,Colson X-Cel希望一種錄製和存儲閥門測試結果的方法,以便為每個閥門進行閥門測試證書。


  • 設計成適合各種閥門
  • Valve testing with multiple methods:

    • 上遊閥門測試
    • 下遊閥門測試
    • Valve body testing
  • Separate control and test areas
  • Off-bench testing capability
  • Automatic clamping pressure calculation
  • Vertical valve clamping arrangement


Our engineers engaged directly with Colson X-Cel to review the requirements in detail. Working in collaboration with our clients ensures that we have a full understanding of the requirements.

One of the challenges was ensuring that the clamping system was capable of securing the large of range of Colson X-Cel valves for testing. An off-bench testing system was included in the design to allow for the testing of larger valves.

After extensive design work, Hydratron were able to present a complete valve testing solution to Colson X-Cel which enabled them to meet all their testing requirements and more. Our universal valve test unit not only allowed fortesting of process valves,但也允許testing of relief valves這個會不會是必需的。

Icon - Controls

PLC and HMI to calculate clamping pressure

Feature Icon - Easy Maintenance

Vertical clamping system

Feature Icon - Frames

Two-skid design for flexibility

Feature Icon - High Pressure

Can Test Pressure Up To 10,000PSI

Our design incorporated a PLC and HMI to automatically calculate the clamping force required for the valve to be tested by entering the valve size and test pressure. This reduced the possibility of incorrect clamping force which could damage the test piece or prevent a sufficient seal. The PLC also provided the user the options for body or seat testing of the valve ; this automatically actuate the required valves in the system to route the test pressure in the required direction.





控製台和夾緊裝置是在兩個不同的滑塊上製造,通過軟管連接,以允許Colson X-Cel在專用閥門測試區域中測試閥。自原始要求以來,Colson X-Cel已經移動了現場,不僅使用鑽機設計用於測試眾多工藝閥門,而且現在也被用略微不同的方式使用,使它們能夠在閥門的水測試下進行氣體。。通過設計閥門鉗位在單獨的SkID上的構建,Colson X-Cel可以獨立使用控製台來執行該測試。

About Colson X-Cel

Colson X-Cel Ltd成立於1995年,以製造一係列儀表球,針,檢查,歧管和雙塊和鑽孔閥。Colson X-Cel Ltd由主要石油和天然氣運營商(如BP,Shell,卡塔爾石油公司)的主要石油和天然氣運營商,具有全球石油和天然氣行業的全球軌道記錄。在2020年,科爾森在謝菲爾德外的先進製造公園搬到了藝術設施的全新狀態。Colson設計,機器,組裝,測試和QA,以確保卓越運營。

The Colson X-Cel production facility which has been enhanced with the addition of a Hydratron Valve Testing System